Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Treats

Today's treat is a new-ish one for me that I've come to love.  It helps me start my day off right because when I start my day with something healthy, it sets a trend for the rest of that day's meals.  While I love a good doughnut or a stack of pancakes, I rarely eat anything like that because it just messes up my day.  So my treat for today is a bowl of cheerios with fresh cut strawberries and bananas in it.  That is over 2 servings of fruit if you use an entire banana and over half a cup of strawberries.  I find that I'm using less cheerios to make room for all the fruit!

The strawberries add a bit of tartness this time of year and the bananas add the sweetness.  I'm not sure what the cheerios add except a pleasing taste and texture I like.  You can really use any cereal for this one as long as it's not loaded with sugar. 

AND for the runner, bananas provide important potassium for our muscles and the strawberries are supposed to be a good anti-inflammatory.  So give this breakfast treat a try and see what you think!

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  1. I've switched to ALL fruit for the past month, and I'm loving it! I eat a banana and an orange every morning and sometimes a few strawberries. I'm surprised how full it keeps me, and it's helping me shed a few lbs. Yay!