Sunday, January 6, 2013

Birthday Bits and Pieces

  • I'm now 33 years old as of yesterday. Whoa Nelly.  I feel about 25 and hardly old enough to have a husband and a kid.  But there it is.  I'm 33!
  • I was in no shape to run 33 miles as I did when I turned 30, but I was planning a long-ish run on my special day.  That didn't really work out because I was super tired, hungry, and I realized half way through that I was supposed to run to my sister's and feed her pets.  I cut it short at 3, planning to return to it but that never happened.  We went to my parents' that afternoon and had a wonderful time visiting with my mom and dad and some of my aunts.  Then we came home, got BBQ from my favorite place, and Jason made me homemade chocolate chip birthday cookies.  His chocolate chip cookies are DELISH, let me just say.  I ate 5 of them because it was my birthday.  You can do that on your birthday.
  • My baby girl is teething.  She drools buckets, wants to chew on everything (except her teething rings), and she's a little fussy these days.  Not overly so, but definitely more than is usual for my happy baby girl.  She wears an amber necklace that is supposed to release healing oils into her skin to help with teething pain. We give her tylenol on occasion too, but is there anything else one can do for a teething baby other than wait it out?
  • There is something so satisfying about making Eloise's baby food. I love cutting it up, steaming it, pureeing it, and then putting it in little containers or the ice cube tray and having fresh fruit and veggies to feed my baby girl.  My breast milk has almost dried up.  I only get about 4-8 ounces a day from one side.  That may be TMI, but there it is.  I feel a little guilty because I think it is my fault I'm not producing it much anymore due to all my running.  My friend Katie made a good point when she told me if I gave and gave and gave to Eloise and never did anything for myself, it wouldn't be good.  I know she's right because I feel more energetic, awake, patient, and happy when I'm running daily, but I still feel a little bad too because I believe breast milk is so much better for babies than formula. I splurge on formula and buy organic to try and make myself feel better.  
  • I made several New Year's resolutions in my head but I never wrote them down and I haven't started on some of them yet.  I still plan to but I'm not sure what I'm waiting for.  It's like the new year hasn't started in my brain or something.  I do know what I want from this year, though.  Regarding running, I want to PR in the half, run a marathon or two (not sure if a PR is too ambitious, but I might go for it anyway), and revisit that 50 mile I didn't run last year due to being pregnant.  It is in December so I think I have time.  It may seem silly, but every run, every race, every step feels aimed toward that 50 mile race.  
  • As far as other resolutions, I have a ton.  I want to do some sort of core workout every day.  Or my foam roller.  I want to read my Bible, pray more often and strengthen my faith.  I want to resume counting my gifts and Tuesday treats on my blog.  I want to be a really good wife and mother.  I want to grow my business, Running Start, LLC.  I want to eat more fruits and veggies.  I've started on some of these and some of these are still waiting on... more definition I guess.  But who says you have to start January 1st, right?  

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  1. Great post! I swear by amber for teething babies. I enjoyed reading your blog!