Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bits and Pieces

1.  So Eloise is slowly but surely getting this sleep thing down.  Most nights we only get up once, although she backslides on occasion.  I will say that being sleep deprived is MUCH easier when I don't have to sit at a desk all day.  Or in meetings.  I'm so glad I don't have to go to meetings.  There are actually no words to describe how excited I am about not going to meetings.  When I worked for NASA, the meetings could be 4 hours long.  They were shorter when I worked at UAH but still... they were meetings.  NO MORE MEETINGS!

2.  It hit me the other day that I am going to get to introduce Eloise to my favorite childhood Disney movies.  Jungle Book.  Robin Hood.  Pete's Dragon.  And such joy filled my heart at the thought that I sang "Bare (or is it bear if it is being sung by a bear?) Necessities" to Eloise.  She smiled.  That's a good sign. 

3.  This is my last big week of training before I begin to pseudo-taper for the half-marathon March 3.  I probably won't really taper until a few days before the race, but I won't actually be training for improvement in this race by next week.  I'm hopeful and excited about this race.  I don't think it will be a PR, but I think it will be good. 

4.  After the race I will sort of training for a marathon.  Ha!  Jason and I are looking at the Kentucky Derby on April 27.  He will be good and trained.  I will be merely surviving.  My plan is to hopefully get in at least one 18-miler before the race and remain consistent with my weekly mileage.  Survival and enjoyment.  Those are my goals if we do this marathon.

5.  Speaking of race plans, I've found my next 50 mile!  At first I was aiming for the one I missed last December when I found out I was pregnant.  That one is in Tallahassee, FL.  But then I found one closer and sooner in Nashville, November 3.  So now that one is my goal.  I want to run the 80k.  On the road.  And I want to run it well.  This will mean base-building and consistency through the summer... when I'll actually have to return to my early morning runs in order to survive... so let's hope Eloise cooperates with that plan! 

6.  Can I just say that making Eloise's baby food is extremely satisfying.  I've said it before, haven't I.  I taste everything I feed her and I am always a little surprised at how good it tastes.  Even all mushed up!  I made green peas for her the other day and at first she made a face, but she eventually started gobbling them up like she does her carrots and sweet potatoes.  What is odd to me is that she gets so excited about squash, which is actually quite watery and flavor-less (to me) without some salt (and cheese).  And the green peas are so much sweeter and more flavorful.  But whatever works for her works for me.  I am just thrilled she is eating her fruits and veggies and I love love love making them for her.  If you think making your baby's food is not for you, it could be!  I use the Beaba Babycook and that thing is EASY and quick!  I make a few things at one time, both fruits and veggies, freeze the veggies in an ice cube tray and then put my veggie pops in plastic bag in the freezer, getting out what I need each evening.  The fruit goes quick so I just keep it in the fridge.

AND, it takes less than a month to save the money you spend on the babycook by making the food yourself. Two containers of babyfood is two meals and costs a dollar.  A bag of frozen peas is at least 4 meals and costs a dollar.  A bag of carrots (the uncut, full-sized kind) costs a dollar and is almost 10 meals.   Two sweat potatoes are over 10 meals.  Squash... well, there just isn't much to squash, but it is more meals per $ than buying it in baby food form already. 

So there you have it.  And now I have to go because my little girl is awake and it is grocery store time! 

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