Thursday, February 14, 2013

To Do Lists Etc.

Do you make these?  I used to make a ton, but I think it was because I was working a desk job and needed something to do in meetings (see previous post for how I feel about meetings).  Now I just tick off what I need to do each day in my head, but I find at the end of the day I've forgotten some of the things I wanted to do.  When there is a spare moment with a sleeping child I stand around aimlessly wondering what to do next.  ha! 

So yesterday I made a list.  I did several of the items on the list - mostly the errands.  We went by the bank, and the YMCA to cancel membership for now.  Then we went to Babies R Us to buy a baby gift for a friend and then to the grocery store.  By the end of that trip Eloise and I were both a little tired.  We came home, I fed her a bottle and put her down for a nap and then had my lunch before getting to the rest of the things on my list... except I never got to them. 

Today I shall tackle the rest of that list.  This morning Eloise got up at 5:40 (after sleeping ALL NIGHT! Whoop!) and I fed her a bottle, made coffee, cleaned the kitchen, mashed up a banana and fed it to her, folded the load of clothes on the couch and read her 6 books before Jason returned from his run.  Then we kept him company while he got ready for work.  When he left I had toast and coffee, talked to Mom briefly on the phone and now Eloise is napping. 

It is now time to... deep breath... fold another load of laundry and put the washed load in the dryer.  Make some baby food, dust...and who knows what else before Eloise wakes up and we go to my sister's to run.  My nephew, Caleb, wants to train for a 1 mile fun run coming up in April, so he has asked his Aunt Jane (me) to help.  And Eloise loves love loves her cousins, so it is a fun trip for her.  AND the SUN IS OUT!  You can't beat that.

In other news, Jason signed us up for the Kentucky Derby Marathon, April 27.  Holy Moly.  I'm going to hang around the 10-11 mile distance until the half marathon (March 3) and then it is time to run 15, 16, 18... or whatever I can fit in before April 27.  For any clients reading this... this is not how I approach marathon training.  And I have no excuse for myself except... well I can't think of one.  And crazy or not, it thrills my heart to be marathon training, even if it is the shortest training cycle I've ever done.  Actually, no, I ran the Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon on only consistent mileage and a 16 miler... and finished in 4:03.  So, I think I'll survive. 

And finally, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  Jason and I kept it simple with cards and only a few chocolates.  I told him I didn't want any, so he got me a tiny box of my favorite brand (Whitmans) and a super sweet card.  Works for me! 

My two Valentines!

The absolute luckiest girl alive (me) holding my newest Valentine in her Valentine outfit.

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