Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time to Blog, Half-marathons, and a Little Note for Spammers

So I'm falling a little behind on this blogging thing. I guess there is no hard and fast rule on how often one should blog BUT I do believe if you want your readers to hang in, you have to write somewhat regularly on somewhat interesting topics or they stop coming by.  The funny thing is, as a woman of the workforce, I used to think when I became a stay-at-home mom I'd have much more time to write.  ha ha ha.  ha.  And one more ha.

When Eloise sleeps the conversation starts:  "Do I put in a Jillian Michael's video or clean up the kitchen or make another batch of baby food or check on all my Running Start clients or dust or do laundry or write a blog... And if the previous night was a wakeful one, I debate napping with her.  Needless to say, blogging takes a back seat to all that other stuff.  It just feels wasteful to use an entire nap time sitting at the computer!  I check e-mail and peruse Facebook while rocking a sleeping baby or... okay, often times on the toilet.  But it saves time. 

This week, however, I've gotten a good bit accomplished so I told myself today during Eloise's nap time I would do a little writing.  And I put her down.  Twice.  But she woke up both times so now she's playing in her little play yard forest thing on the floor behind me.  Sort of.

In other news, the Seaside Half Marathon is upon us!  Ten days.  That's what I have.  And I don't really "have" them because as far as training goes, I'm as trained as I will be for this event.  I'm not tapering until a few days before the race, however, because I might do the Scottsboro half-marathon at the end of March and there is the Kentucky Derby Marathon at the end of April... oh dear.  So I can't exactly relax for two weeks.  I may throw in some shorter, faster workouts in place of a longer one or two in order to sharpen my pace just a tad, but I will still do my longer runs this weekend even though I'm one week out.  And in reality, I don't think that will hurt my half-marathon performance.

I'm aiming for a 1:50-1:53 time.  I think that is reasonable given where I currently am in my training and what I have done before.  My current best (at Seaside two years ago) is 1:44:45.  I was at my peak training then, so I do not hope to achieve that this time.  Most of my half times are around 1:48-1:50, so that is where I'd like to be.  Shooting for a 1:53 gives me a little cushion and I guess you could say a "C" goal would be to beat 2 hours.  We shall see in ten days.

Now, I don't know about you other bloggers, but I'm getting a lot more nonsense comments on my blog posts lately.  This is why I like to read them first before allowing them to show up on my blog.  The English is terrible and there is always a link that I do not click included as well.  Annoying.  So, Spammers, if you are reading this, don't waste your time.  I am going to filter you out of my comments. 

That probably won't help, but there it is.  As for the rest of you real people and friends, thank you for stopping by!  Have a great day and happy running!


  1. Hi Jane, I totally agree about not finding the time to blog as a mom! :) And the spammers are hitting me too. I am getting more comments from them than my "real" readers, making me feel like, "What's the point?" Good luck with the rest of your half training and tapering and marathon training. :)

  2. I like hearing about your goals for the race! I need to consult with you about what my goals should be for the oak Barrell! I may give you a call or send an email!