Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Reason to Run Barefoot

If you opened this post thinking there would be some deep, scientifically sound explanation as to why running barefoot is a good idea... you were WRONG!  I've got nothing against barefoot running - I'm kind of neutral on the subject (get it?  Neutral!) but if I tried it, this would be the reason. Check out those tan lines!  My feet don't look like they belong with my legs.  This is the result of winter running in the south.  It was rarely too cold for shorts this winter and I always ran in the middle of the day.  I have a pretty rockin' tan line on my arms too, which is going to make tank top season quite attractive at first. 

Many friends have commented on my tan in surprise.  To have one at the beginning of spring/summer (the seasons are kind of the same here) seems odd, but I've always tanned easily and quickly.  Hence my magnificent tan lines! 

And did you notice that cute thing crawling towards me, undeterred by the white feet on tan legs?

This is what happened next.  She got me!

Then she stood up which is all she wants to do these days.  She thinks she's a big girl now or something.  We will be surrounded by toys, but her favorite every time is Mommy the Jungle Gym.  With awesome tan lines.

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