Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Planking or Tanking

So my mom along with some of her running buddies are doing this crazy plank challenge thing and I've decided to attempt join them.  The idea is to add 10 seconds a day to our time holding the plank and by the end of April we should be able to hold it for 5 minutes.  This sounds impossible to me, but I decided I'd join them because I need some core work and planks are good for you and I like Mom and all of her running peeps.

The first time I did it I held it for 45 seconds so I modified my plan a little and added only 5 seconds a day.  Well, I did okay until I got up to 70 seconds and I haven't yet been able to hold it that entire time yet.  I've hit a wall.  I've tried watching TV while planking, listening to motivational tunes while planking, planking in Eloise's room with her playing around me, contemplating the dust under my bed while planking... it is just plum HARD!

Meanwhile, my mom is at 105 seconds, Dianne is at 90 seconds, Anna Catherine, how many have you got so far?  Probably more than me! 

But I'm staying after it.  Do you plank?


  1. Planking is tough. I keep saying I'm going to do that one month but I haven't yet.

  2. in one of my gym classes, when we do tabata workouts we do the plank....i do basic plank, 20 seconds up, 10 sec rest, 8x. instructor and others do crazy variations...i.e. one arm and leg extended...last couple of rounds are tough!

  3. I was being really consistent with planking, but I've dropped off in the last week. I don't have any excuse, other than I have just been really tired lately. Today is our off day of running, so I'm going to get at those planks and weights again. I can really tell the difference when I do them on a regular basis. The longest that I have ever done is 90 seconds.

  4. The only planks I do are the ones in the JM DVDs. Are you still doing those? I find them very hard to do but effective!