Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Pinterest Cooking

Yep, I've been at it again!  Getting recipes off Pinterest and giving them a go with various degrees of success (usually depending on whether I followed directions or not).

I wrote a few days ago about my first smoothie in my new Mother's Day blender.  We are probably going to call that a bust because I wasn't crazy about it and I think I ruined it with grapefruit juice.  It DOES have the potential to be very good if done correctly, I believe.

I also wrote about visiting the strawberry patch and picking strawberries with my baby girl.  Well, we had a HUGE bucket of strawberries so I researched pie recipes and made one.  I was SO excited because I followed ALL the directions and it was HEALTHY (except for the crust).  I got it out of my Better Homes cookbook and it looked so pretty!  Professional, even.  When Jason got home I proudly opened the fridge to show him and he said, "Did you bake the crust?"  ... ... ... No. No I had not baked the crust.  I NEVER make pies and when I do I usually fill my crust with all the good stuff and stick the whole thing in the oven.  This pie never went to the oven so nothing got baked.  We dumped all the filling out, baked the crush and dumped it all back in.  It was delish!

I also tried the cottage cheese and egg scramble. It turned out well (all you do is dump cottage cheese in with your egg and scramble) and at first I wasn't sure but then I decided I really liked it.  The cottage cheese makes it so fluffy and flavorful. Definitely a good breakfast/lunch/post run dish if you like scrambled eggs (which I do).

That's it for now... I think.  I went to our local organic/healthy supermarket today (Earth Fare) and had varying degrees of success with all these strange ingredients for smoothies. I'm going to be honest here. My taste buds are picky, plain Jane, and they are not cultivated for fanciness.  I don't like dark chocolate.  I don't want protein powder or any other powder.  Unless it is chocolate, maybe.  I'm just not your super organic wheat grass, kelp, green smoothie eating type of person, although I really do want to pack some goodness into these things that will help my body heal and withstand the training I want to subject it to.  And I want to learn about all of these super foods for not only me but my running man and my baby girl as well.

I was childless as I browsed the aisles of over-priced strangeness because Mom was home with Eloise.  The prices were insane!  $11.00 for almond butter?!?  $21.00 for flax oil (and who even knows what that is or does or is for)?!?  I skipped those two but I did spend $5.00 on agave syrup and on organic baby puffs (which taste like sawdust, but Eloise likes them) and I bought coconut milk and water... and some apples and limes.  I think that's about it.  Then I went to Kroger and got the rest, seeing all the things I'd bought at Earth Fare for less... Oh well.  Live and learn.  Earth Fare also smells like my grandmother.  I think it is the natural soap.  I will say I love their pizza, PB and J sandwiches and their corn chips. And their large selection of Honest Tea.  Okay, so I like Earth Fare, despite the prices and smelling like my grandmother - who I loved with all my heart despite the fact that she smelled strongly of roses.

In other news, my Mother's Day food processor came in and I've just unpacked it, watched the DVD tutorial, and now it is all in the dishwasher. I'm going to make my own salsa tonight and maybe try a watermelon lime smoothie thing I found... I'll keep you posted.  I never knew I could have so much fun in the kitchen!

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