Friday, May 17, 2013

My First DELISH Smoothie

This is actually my second smoothie attempt, but this one I REALLY like!  I have to give most of the credit to my friend, Jamie, who sent me her PB&J smoothie recipe.  I modified it a little according to what I had on hand and it turned out delish!  Here is her recipe first followed by mine.

Jamie's PB&J Smoothie
scant cup water
4oz plain 0% greek yogurt
2C frozen strawberries
1 lg banana
2T freshly ground honey roasted peanut butter
five ice cubes
2C fresh spinach leaves

My AB&J Smoothie
 half cup of filtered water
4 oz (ish) of lowfat Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt (I can't abide the plain stuff)
2C frozen raspberries
1 large banana
2T of almond butter (my new love as of today)
five ice cubes
2 handfuls of organic spinach leaves (I went sparingly in case I didn't like it)

Isn't it pretty!
This was/is delicious!  I am still enjoying it at this very moment and even though I thought it made way more than I could/would consume, I am going back to the kitchen to finish the rest right now.  So let's talk calories.  Here is what I estimated and I always err on the side of over estimation so if I'm wrong, I get less calories than what I thought.  

4 oz of yogurt - 90 cals
2 cups of frozen raspberries - 80 cals
1 banana - ~ 90 cals
2 Tbsp of almond butter - 180 cals
2 handfuls of spinach leaves - 10 cals (the whole container was 35 total). 

That is 450 total calories IF you consume the entire blender.  I filled an 8 oz glass FULL and that was not the entire blender.  So that is also something to consider if you are sharing.  I didn't share, but this will be lunch, and I am quite full!  And proud!  My first successful blending experience!  Whoop!

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