Monday, May 20, 2013

What Eloise Knows

I think my daughter knows when I am planning to get back to my early morning running routine (the one from waaaaay back before I got pregnant).  The southern summer temps are here and while I have been a bit better about running in them, I know I'd have a more quality run in the early morning hours before the sun heats up the streets.  I've been thinking tough thoughts, go-get-'em thoughts.  I've been gearing up for a week or two of a challenging new schedule before my body conforms to my new routine, and I've even been looking forward to some quiet morning running as the world wakes up.

And then Eloise returns to getting up in the night.  What?  Yes!  She's almost 10 months old and she's been sleeping through the night again just fine... until a few days ago.  She must know of her mama's plans!  And let me just say, her wakeful nights on top of some sinus aggravation on top of a squeaky glider (which means I stand and bounce her back to sleep instead of rocking) make for some looooong nights for this mama.  Whew.  I wake up feeling like somewhere between her bedroom and mine, a mac truck took me down.

BUT, we will get through this little phase as we always do, and at the very least my treadmill and I will become friends or I will get very acclimated to running with her in the heat.  Makes me feel tougher and less limited by the weather.  Maybe that is what Eloise knows. 


  1. Oh yes they always know but they will get used to it. My biggest issue was races because she would wake up several times...ugh...but some how we find a way to keep on keeping on. Hang in there Mama you're doing great!

    1. That is so true, Kris!! Eloise does it before races too! It is crazy but you are right, we keep on! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. My second son never slept through the night until after a year, so at least you got a big chunk of time with slightly normal sleep hours. But hopefully you can get back to that again soon! Sleep is so vital!