Friday, August 23, 2013

Bits and Pieces - the Back-to-School Edition

1.  Actually, no one here is going to school yet, but I have started teaching my class at UAH, Walk/Jog/Run, and I am so excited about it!  I'm hoping to spread a little love for running with these students. They seem ready to embark on some running and good fitness habits and I'm pumped about helping them get started!

2.  I absolutely love that first sip of coffee.  There is nothing like it.  It is better than the second sip and better than the second cup.  I find myself looking forward to it during the last few miles of my run (which seems odd in the summer), and sometimes when I got to bed at night.

3.  I have devotional at my house three times a day for 20 minutes.  These devotionals all center around nap time for little miss Eloise and while I am usually standing, holding her heavy 19 lb self, and feeling my back begin to ache a little (if I sit down, the squirming revs up even more), I really look forward to singing songs about my amazing God to my baby girl.  I know she can't understand everything I'm saying yet, but every song is a prayer and a hope for her - that she will grow up with a faith that puts mine to shame, that she will follow Jesus Christ, and that no matter what happens in this crazy world, she will find herself with Him when it is all over.

4.  In honor of school starting, Eloise and I made our way to Barnes & Noble this week for a little book shopping.  I found a book for myself (Maeve Binchy has a lovely new novel out called, "A Week in Winter") and then we made our way back to the children's section.  Eloise had never been there before and as we approached she squeezed me and let out this squeal of excitement.  I sat her down and she toddled around looking at books and toys and stuffed animals and the other people who happened into that section.  I followed her around putting back anything she took from the shelves to inspect. She picked a book for herself and I picked another book for her and then we made our way to the move section (although she did not want to leave her new favorite place) and bought a new Baby Einstein video, and let me just say the whole visit was so much fun!  I try to find things for Eloise and I to do each day so she's not cooped up in the house all day and that is a new favorite on my list!

5.  Speaking of books, let me just say I love Maeve Binchy.  There is no more satisfying story than one where the lives of the characters are unraveled and then put neatly back together.  Call me shallow, but if I'm going to read a book, I want to take something positive from it.  Gone are the days when I tried to be some sort of intellect and read all the books that someone said were the greats.  Nope.  Now I read what encourages, inspires, teaches me something or entertains me with good, happy-ending stories (so mostly books on raising kids, running, or Maeve Binchy novels).

6.  Eloise can now tell you what the cow, sheep, bear and owl say.  I figure I have a prodigy on my hands.  She also LOVES Sandra Boynton books and that is about all she will read, save some Brown Bear, Brown Bear and a few others.  One of my personal favorites from childhood, "The Little Mouse, The Big Hungry Bear, and the Red, Ripe Strawberry."

7.  Remember the post about my caterpillars and butterflies?  Well, I let out my second-to-the-last butterfly this week and just decided to give my cilantro and parsley a once-over... and I found 8 more babies!  I cleaned out my butterfly house and I have one cocoon left from my first batch and 8 new babies!  It is round two of watching this amazingly beautiful transformation.  I'm so glad it isn't over and I will have cilantro and parsley in my yard from now on!

That's all for now!  To all those going back to school or sending kids back to school or teaching school, have a great year!  And as for the rest of us, go read something good (and if it fits the criteria in point # 5, tell me about it). 

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  1. oooo..i love maeve binchy too! didn't know there was a new book! must get it soon! i love how long and complicated (in a good way) that her books are!