Saturday, August 31, 2013

Long Runs, Humidity, and a Good Movie

Three weekends ago I did my first 14 miler in AGES and it was GREAT!  Absolutely perfect!  I had done 8 fast miles the day before and I was a tad nervous, but the weather was absolutely glorious, free of humidity, tasting of fall... glorious.  My friend, Shannon ran most of it with me and I ran the rest solo.

The next weekend I was to run 16.  I was nervous again.  This would be my longest run since finding out Eloise was a teeny tiny little person in my belly.  Two years or more.  But it went well!  The lovely fall weather had left, but it wasn't bad and I finished really strong with my fastest mile of that run being my last (I was giddy over making it and ready to squeeze my baby girl... and for coffee).

This weekend I wanted to do 16 again before I bump up to 18 next weekend.  I was not so nervous since I'd already done it, and my running girls joined me for bits and pieces of it, with my friend, Julia staying with me the entire way.  Never underestimate the power of good company on a long run!  I wanted to quit around mile 14 but Julia and Jan got me through.  It was SO HOT and HUMID!  I felt it more during this run than I have in any of the others and it was tough!  One of the other girls told me next weekend should be better weather-wise and I am hopeful.  Because today was tough and next weekend is 18!

Despite the humidity and a tough finish today, my mind is in a good place with these long runs.  It has been a LONG time since I've run long and I don't know about you, but when it has been so long I start to wonder if I can still do it.  It sounds impossible!  It seems too far!  But somehow it is getting done and I love it.  I'm thrilled and relieved and I feel like I'm returning to the runner I used to be.  Nothing overly impressive, mind you, but a good place for me.

With my marathon approaching October 5, I find myself wondering what goal is reasonable to have for it.  It is being couched into my 50 mile training so I'm not going to do much tapering for it.  I think my B goal will be to finish under 4:30 and my A goal will be the low 4s (4:05ish) and my A++++ goal would be under 4... but I haven't been running like that so its a long shot. 

And let's just say, in the meantime I am LONGING for fall.

In other news, we watched a really good movie last night.  I wasn't so sure at the beginning if I would like it or not, but once it got going, I started to.  It was Silver Linings Playbook and I think it won some awards or something.  Anyway, one of my favorite parts is when they are running and she runs out at him a few times and says, "HEY!" and scares him or startles him.  Then in one scene they argue about the running route and who should be running there and who needed to find another route.  Cracked me up.  It has some language and a few scenes I could do without, but I liked the overall storyline.  Especially the running parts.

My baby is awake and I must go snuggle!  Happy Labor Day weekend, friends!

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