Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kara Goucher Supports My Blog

One thing I LOVE to talk about is running.  I try not to volunteer lots of running information in random conversations because I do realize most people are not interested.  However, when asked...look out!  I especially love it when people ask me about it because they want to try it themselves.  If I could give my 8 hour work day to helping individuals learn and love to run, I would gladly do it!  (And I'm going to hold out hope that I CAN have that sort of profession one day).

In the article "Running 101 With Kara Goucher", we read that helping others learn and love the sport is important to her as well.  I really like what she says in this article.  She isn't only focusing on how to get started and stick with it, but how to LOVE it.  That is key to me when welcoming new athletes to the sport.  Not only that they find a way to be healthy, fit and happy with themselves, but that they really enjoy the journey itself.

In working with the No Boundaries training program each year, I try to tap into this.  New runners show up with their own goals in mind - losing weight, getting fit, achieving a 5k, meeting new people, etc.  I like to help them meet those goals, and add in one of my own.  That is to share the love, pure and simple.

So take a look and be encouraged.  I think this article speaks to new and experienced runners alike.  And if you look closely, you can see Kara put in a plug for my blog.


  1. That is so great! I read that article and saw that picture but I didn't "get it" until you pointed it out! Now we just need to photoshop you into the picture too!

  2. YOU'RE FAMOUS!!! GREAT post. I know exactly what you mean. I think running is about the only thing I really know how to talk about. It's definitely in my top five things I love, along with God, my husband, and my two kids!! Apart from the number one spot, sometimes the other four are a horse race for the other spots! :D

  3. Hahaha!!! I read the article like 3 times and was clicking all the links trying to find the reference to your blog!!! And it was staring me right in the face! Too funny!