Friday, April 8, 2011

Speedy Bunny

I have written before about the wonderful sister I call mine and her abounding thoughtfulness.  Well, she has yet again come through with flying colors.  When I stopped by her house this morning on my way to work to drop off my dog for her safe keeping, she had a goody bag full of things for Shannon, Jason, and me to help us with our marathon tomorrow.

For Jason she had some white chocolate dove eggs, as he cannot have chocolate.  For me she had a hollow Baby Binks bunny (who has unfortunately already met his demise), and for me and Shannon to share and derive the best of luck, Speedy Bunny. 

I now know without a doubt that Shannon and I will have a successful marathon tomorrow.  How could we not with our very own Speedy Bunny by our side (or in our tummies)?  This has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen, and of course, Julie would find it just in time for a big race!

It's the last marathon of my marathon season.  It is Shannon's first ever marathon.  The weather says we will start in 66 degrees, rising to around 76 before we are done.  This is somewhat concerning as I have not been running in these temps much yet, but it is also not unachievable.  I have PR'd in temps just like this, so I'm hoping to tap into some inner hard core-ness and shave off 2 or 3 minutes from my current PR of 3:45.

Here's to being a speedy bunny!

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  1. That's the coolest bunny!! I can't wait to hear how you did today! :D