Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Light Up the Sky

I often write about what the sky looks like on my morning run. I think it is one of my most favorite sights.  I love what God does with the sky.  I don't have to go to a museum to see impressive works of art, and I don't have to travel to far away lands to see the most beautiful places this earth has to offer.  I can simply look up.

This morning I started my run with my back to the sunrise.  I ran a familiar loop through my neighborhood which has me running in the same direction for almost a mile before it changes.  At one point I was turning right and I glanced to my left...and I almost stopped to stare.  There was one large cloud in the sky and it was electric orange and pink on a backdrop of pale blue.  I knew it was only a few minutes before I would turn and be able to really look, but I couldn't help myself. I had to keep turning around to get just one more glance.

When I finally rounded the corner and could see it easily, I marveled.  What a sky!  What brilliant colors!  Would I ever get tired of seeing this?  It wasn't but a few minutes and those electric colors were gone.  Just like that, they were replaced with soft pinks and purples as if the first picture had been removed and a brand new one put in its place.  For the remainder of my run, I watched the sky change.  Clouds came and went, colors glowed and muted, and it was amazing.

When I got home I had to move fast to be ready for work on time.  I let Chance out, made coffee, hopped in the shower, got dressed, packed a lunch and a gym bag, kissed Jason - all the while thinking about the busy day ahead and how to be ready and what I needed to do first and second, and would I get it all done...

And then on the way to work one of my favorite songs came on the radio.  It is called "Light Up the Sky" by The Afters, and when I heard the first few notes I pushed away my harried thoughts and grinned.  I sang along, remembering the light show during my morning run.  No matter how crazy my day was going to be, it started out with the most beautiful gift and that filled my heart and mind with peace, gratefulness...and love.  I felt loved.  And it is hard to feel stressed, anxious or worried with that on my mind.

So I run straight into Your arms
You're the bright and morning sun
To show your love, there's nothing You won't do...


  1. I LOVE that song!! And I love a beautiful sunrise!

  2. WOW!! What a great song and most excellent video.

  3. It is, isn't it. I'd never seen the video before I posted it here and I was blown away. Loved it!