Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Have an Idea

Lately I have felt stirrings. The desire for something new.  Another challenge.  I'm not sure if it is the scent of fall in the early morning air or the fact that I let go of my triathlon training regime and allowed myself to do what I love the most...  Is it my chasing after transcendence over the human condition?  Is it my constant discontentment with the regular and everyday-ness of life?  My longing for some sort of adventure, perhaps?

Whatever it is, the stirrings have awakened and I have begun to look.  I pulled up my marathon and ultra marathon resources on the internet for inspiration.  Click.  Read.  No, not that one.  Maybe this one.  Where do I want to go?  What do I want to do?

And I think I finally found one.  An idea.  I sent it to Jason and of course he is game (maybe we could get him a t-shirt "I love my crazy, ultra marathon runner wannabe wife."  I bet they have that one somewhere).  This idea is merely that.  It is not a plan...and even when it becomes a plan, I make all plans with the knowledge that interferences may show up (some pleasant and hoped for) to change those plans. 

But plan I must.  Train I will.  (Channel Yoda I sometimes do.)  And so here is my latest idea.

The Tallahassee Ultra 50 Mile in Wakulla Springs State Park, December 10, 2011.  Here is what they say about it.  Emphasis mine.

"The TUDC (Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic) has a reputation of uniting some of America’s fastest ultra distance runners with those testing themselves at the ultra distance for the first time, for it offers a flat, fast paved loop course, great volunteer support, plenty of on-course aid and generally runner-friendly weather.  In addition, the race is staged fully within the confines of the beautiful Wakulla Springs State Park situated just 15 miles south of Tallahassee, Florida’s capital city. A throwback to “the old Florida,” Wakulla Springs State Park is home to the world’s largest freshwater spring and the historic Wakulla Springs Lodge."

Did you catch it?  Do you remember the Northface Endurance Challenge?  I do.  The knee knob reminds me daily. And you'd think a girl would learn her lesson after something like that.  And I have.  Pavement, not trails.  But I still want beauty.  I don't want to run in someone else's neighborhood for 50 miles, when that is where I run every day.  So where do I go to find friendly terrain and beautiful surroundings?  Well, apparently Wakulla Springs is the place!

So that's my idea.  Just an idea for now.  Something to quell the stirrings.


  1. You are crazy but I love you for it! It DOES sounds much better for a trail run, though. Good luck :)

  2. Ha ha - thank you for loving me anyway. I am going to wait until closer to the price increase date before signing up. Just to have more time to ponder. :)

  3. Wow, you are always coming up with such neat things to do. This one sounds right up your alley since it has the trail aspect, but it's also flat. Don't need you fallin' anymore, girlie!

  4. I just got a side-stitch reading the words "ultra-marathon"! If anyone can do it, YOU can!!! Awesome!!