Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Waiting Endless Waiting

Despite my belief that time had suddenly decided to stand still as I waited, it did pass.  Day 27 became 28 and eventually we got to the weekend when time inevitably moves a little faster.  I took more tests and laid them out in a row on the bathroom counter.  I looked at them every day and smiled.

One thing that made the wait even worse was that I started to feel awful. On day 29 I stayed home from work with the worst headache in the world and other aches from head to toe.  I attributed this to a cold since my nose was runny too, and since I had those two pink lines telling me I was pregnant I dared not take any medicine.  I slept through it as best I could and the next day I felt better.

And time slowly ticked by...  We went to see Mom and Dad over the weekend.  I went for a walk with Mom and it was so hard not to just blurt out, "I MIGHT BE PREGNANT!"  But conversations with Mom are always interesting and fun, so our 3.5 mile walk went by quickly without me spilling the beans all over the country road.

Sunday was day 31 and I was still unsure. Still waiting, but I was becoming more confident in those two pink lines. I took a total of 5 tests and they all showed the same thing.  I stopped taking them after that and by day 34 there was still no monthly gift.

There were, however, other gifts.  I started to get so tired and sleepy.  Running became harder and I told myself it was just mental - my brain knowing that women are tired when pregnant - but I also let myself slow down and shorten the distances.  My abdomen ached a lot, but only for short bursts of time, and there were other things that grew and became sore...

Jason and I had so much fun keeping our little secret.  He'd call me at work a few times a day just to ask how I felt.  We both thought about it all the time.  I bought the book, "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and read up on all the things that happen in weeks 1-4. 

By day 36 I would be officially 5 weeks and so I went ahead and read allowed to Jason what our baby was doing by week 5-8.  It was amazing to read and as my confidence in my own pregnancy started to grow even more, so came the strong desire for it to be so, for everything to be okay, and for that first 8 week check up to GET HERE!  I only had to wait through Christmas and New Years...


  1. I am loving these stories! Keep 'em coming!

  2. I am LOVING Your Story Jane!! I am so GLAD that you write/blog such an intimate thing that I feel so blessed to read and be apart of. I smile as I read because I REMEMBER feeling the SAME WAY at the beginning, time just standing still, and wanting to guard myself and TRY with ALL My might to Not believe in it. I can't wait to read your next blog. So Happy For You!!

    ~ Dana Savage