Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aqua Zumba and Other Random Bits

Add this amazing weather to a fun-packed Easter weekend, and you can't keep a girl down for long, even if she has crazy hormonal outbursts in Target from time to time.  My sister and I went to Aqua Zumba at the local Y this morning and there has to be some sort of added benefit to laughing while working out.  More burned calories perhaps?  A greater likelihood of returning?  We had a blast!  I would definitely suggest it to those with an injury or those pregnant because it is a GREAT low impact, fun workout.  Plus, if you can't do the moves right or keep the beat, no one knows because most of the body is under water.  If you read the previous post you may be wondering what I wore to this class, and my sister saved the day...for now.  She had an old light blue tankini that fit...mostly.  I might have had a little belly peaking out but I didn't think anyone would be paying much attention in Aqua Zumba.  For now, until the belly gets larger, that will work. 

We met at 8:00 a.m. for a fun class and then I headed to Kroger, Hallmark, and the local coffee shop.  Jason is out running his 18 miler today (insert wistful sigh here) and I knew we were low on drinks and healthy snacks.  With his Ironman training getting good and cranked up now, his daily calorie need has increased exponentially. You'd think it would be easy as pie to eat enough to sustain the amount of training he does in a day, but it isn't.  I calculated what he would need to maintain such a rigorous schedule, and it amounted to almost 5000 calories a day.  WHOA! That may sound fun and like a license to eat anything, but it is more important to eat 5000 calories worth of awesome, powerful, healing nutrients that will help him recover and stay injury free.  Our diets really do affect our healing and recovery processes so I try to keep us well stocked with plenty of healthy drinks, fruits, veggies and healthy snacks to keep him fueled. 

How did I get off on that?  Oh yeah, Kroger.  So after Kroger I headed to a newish little coffee cafe for an iced mocha.  I have a lot I want to do today and I figured a little caffeine (less than the 200mg allotted for pregnant women, of course) would give me just the boost I needed.  Even though I did Aqua Zumba this morning, it is simply too gorgeous outside not to at least get in a 3 mile jaunt.  I was too tired for another 3 last night and I think Chance was disappointed.  There was a lot of looking out his window forlornly.

I love Hallmark.  I hardly ever go because I rarely need to buy anything besides a card, but it is just fun in there.  Easter stuff everywhere and all kinds of things you could put in a little one's Easter basket.  Next year I will buy a soft little bunny for a tiny little girl.  This year, however, I got my sweet parents an Easter card and I got my mom one of those willow tree angels.  She loves those.  I do too, and so I got her one holding lilies that said something about health and happiness.  She is running a half-marathon today and so I thought it fitting.  I'm currently waiting on her call to see how it went.

For now I am off to get busy on the rest of my day.  Tonight I am FINALLY getting to see the Hunger Games with my sister, bro-in-law, and the Allens.  I have been soooooooo ready to see this!  I rarely get excited about a movie, but I am really looking forward to this one.  Tomorrow we will head to Marathon Mountain to enjoy some time with fam, some Easter egg hiding, and maybe some scenic spots for bump pictures.  I hope you all have a fantastic, wonderful, blessed Easter weekend!

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