Saturday, April 7, 2012

Can I Just Have a Minute to Brag?

So I have an amazing husband.  And I really have no idea why or how I got him, but I am soooooo grateful and I try to tell him and God about that often.  Listen to this, on top of being sweet to his somewhat crazy, unhinged pregnant wife on a daily basis, here is what he did today.

We got up this morning and he made me cinnamon toast.  When I headed to Aqua Zumba, he folded some clothes before heading out for a short 20 mile run (I thought 18, but I was wrong).  When he got back, we sat on the back porch and enjoyed a snack before he headed to the Y for a swim and I headed out for a 3.5 mile jaunt.  I was sitting here contemplating another mile with Chance when he got home.  He asked me if I would pick up the backyard (Chance droppings) so he could mow.  What?  Yeah.  He knew he wouldn't have time this week and it would be knee high by next weekend.  So he just mowed the yard while I weeded the front flower beds.

So let's recap:

Cinnamon toast
20 mile run
1 mile swim
Yard mowing and edging

I just needed to take a minute and share that.  Now I'm off to take that sweet, amazing man some lemonade!


  1. Sounds like he's a keeper! Now you can hide the Easter eggs easier :)

  2. Awww yes he does sound super sweet!