Monday, November 12, 2012

Sleep = Lots O' miles!

I'd like to report that Eloise has had THREE nights of sleeping the whole way through so far in her young life.  And it is blissful (as so many of you moms know!).  Wow.  I awoke at 4:00 a.m. feeling as refreshed as a bird in springtime and ready to conquer the day.  Which I did.  In miles.

We spent most of Thursday up at my parents' house.  My sister hosted a field trip with her home schooling co-op and so Eloise and I hitched a ride with them.  We went for a gorgeous fall hike with all the kids and parents as they went on a scavenger hunt for things in the woods.  Eloise rode in the front pack and fell asleep for most of it.
Me and my hiking buddy

A cute close-up
 I don't know if it was all the fresh mountain air or the fact that she actually took good naps while we were there, but that day precipitated her first full night of sleep.

I ran my FIRST post baby 8 miler on Friday.  I finished in 1:17 which is 9:38 pace thereabouts.  I was happy and tired.  I ran out of steam around mile 7.2.  I know because I looked at my watch.  I'd only run one 7 miler up to that point so running 8 might not have been the smartest choice but I was feeling good and I had a lot on my mind.  Mainly about this country and where it is headed and if my baby girl will have all the opportunities and freedoms I have had... Yes, I basically spent the whole gorgeous run worrying, and I am not proud of that fact.  I vowed not to do that again - partly because as a believer in God and a follower of Christ I am instructed not to worry.  It is a failing of my faith and I plan on working on strengthening that.  I also vowed not to do it again because good grief!  I was running 8 miles for the first time on the most gorgeous fall afternoon imaginable!  What a waste! 

I felt better at the end of my run on all counts.  That's always how it goes.  The next morning after a second full night of sleep I decided to surprise my mom at the Huntsville Half Marathon and run part of it with her.  The Huntsville Half is one of my FAVORITE races here in Huntsville and I hated to miss it.  So many of my friends and clients were running it and I yearned to be there with them.  So at 7:30 a.m. I pumped an extra bottle for Eloise, put on my running digs and headed out to the course by 8:00.  I parked at mile 6 and got there just in time to see some of the front runners start on the greenway section of the course.  I had a wonderful time cheering for all of my running pals until Mom came through and I joined her.  She was so happy to see me.  She'd started out too fast and was struggling.  She said she'd been imagining scenarios of seeing me and Eloise, so I was very glad I'd made the decision to come.  We had a great time and I ran 6.8 miles of the course with her.

Sunday I enjoyed a slower run/walk with my sis.  We went for 5 miles on another gorgeous, but windy fall afternoon.  What a weekend of miles!  That is by far the most I've gotten in one stretch since Eloise was born. I was a little more worn than usual and I had a few complaints from my knee, which I addressed with ibuprofen, massage (given by me), stretching and rest.  Okay, so I haven't really rested it yet but today will probably be shorter and easier - especially since it is currently pouring outside.  It is Veteran's Day so Jason has off from work.  We celebrated with homemade biscuits, turkey bacon and scrambled eggs.  Eloise is currently napping in Jason's arms so I thought I'd take a few minutes for computer time before I clean the kitchen and finish the MOUNDS of laundry.  I have partly folded, clean, and dirty laundry everywhere it seems.

Last night Eloise slept all the way through the night for the third time so I think I am ready to tackle another full day.  I am so thankful for the men and women who have fought for this country and made possible this amazing life I lead here.  I love this land and my hopes and fervent prayers are that it remain forever the land of the free and home of the brave! 

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