Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Agape Care Club

My dear friend, Emily, works for Agape and she recently sent me, along with her friends and family an e-mail about the Agape Care Club.  I not only want to get involved, but I want to encourage my own friends, family, and readers to get involved as well.  Here is a word from Emily about the Care Club.

Ten dollars doesn't seem like much to some of us. A few trips to Starbucks. A dinner at Applebees. Not a big deal. But there are children right here in Alabama who crave what $10 a month can provide them. Agape puts your $10 towards providing these  vulnerable boys and girls with the necessities they need, like food and shelter, but also with the nurturing stability that only a loving family can offer. Agape trains and licenses Christian foster and adoptive parents from across the state to open their hearts and home to these children. We ask you to join us by committing at least $10 a month.

Agape is built on the people who have dedicated years of service and support to the mission. Without this consistent outpouring of devotion, so many children could have been left in the street, families still yearning for help, and women desperate for rescue.

Your gift of at least $10 a month ensures that Agape can continue offering help to these vulnerable lives. This recurring donation enrolls you in Agape's Care Club.

Please know that we treasure every cent you send our way.

You help Him "place the lonely in families." (Psalm 68:6)

Follow this link here to join!  And thank you, dear readers, for your time and your help should you decide to participate.


  1. So sweet, Jane! Thanks for helping us promote the ministry. I really appreciate you!

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