Monday, December 3, 2012

Red Knot Racing Company

Red Knot Racing Company was started by my friend Brett and his friend Wes.  Brett lives in Tanzania with his wife and two kids and works as a missionary there. Wes lives in Montgomery, AL.  Together they've started this very cool company which is the premier luxury endurance racing company serving Tanzania. They provide their racers with the opportunity to run and bike in some of the world’s most beautiful locations, both comfortably and in style. Red Knot’s luxury racing packages are all-inclusive, their tour groups are small, and their itineraries are custom designed for endurance athletes with distinguishing tastes.

Red Knot Racing currently has two special travel packages for runners interested in running the Kilimanjaro Marathon.  These packages include the best of everything Tanzania has to offer from the marathon itself to the luxury and the exciting wildlife there as well.  The Endurance Package and the Sprint Package offer a variety of tours, experiences and services tailored to make this the trip of a lifetime!  Check out the links to see what these packages include, and don't miss the important early bird special rates included on the Sprint Package page.  Those apply if you make your reservations before December 10.

AND for my readers and friends, another special offer! They are offering my readers an additional $500 off the second sharing person for a couple's trip.  That would be $4950 and $3950 until December 10.  That's a total savings (for a couple) of $1200 off the actual price, with people who hear about it from me getting $500 more discounted than what is available to others.

To get that additional discount, all you have to do is tell Brett and Wes in the questions/comments section of your reservation that you heard about Red Knot Racing from Jane Reneau! 

I don't know about you, but this sounds like a GREAT Christmas present to me.  Check out their website, learn about the location, Brett and Wes, all that this amazing experiences has to offer, subscribe to the Red Knot blog, make some reservations and by all means start training!  It also wouldn't hurt if you shared this amazing opportunity with a friend or two.

Now what I think of as the important part - the purpose of Red Knot Racing Company.  Brett included his reasons for starting this company on his blog and I want to highlight the last reason he states.  He hopes that by 2019 all of his family's mission efforts will be funded by Red Knot Racing.  To read about these efforts and the great work he and his family, among others, are doing in Tanzania, visit his blog, Aliens and Strangers.  It is worth a read, I promise you that!  And if you do decide to use Red Knot for all your Tanzanian travel needs, you would be helping with these mission efforts as well. 

So check out Red Knot Racing Company.  And if you aren't ready to run the Kilimanjaro marathon in March 2013, no worries.  You can plan a custom trip that will meet your personal travel needs, and there is always Kilimanjaro in 2014 as well!  So get your running shoes on and plan a trip!

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