Saturday, December 1, 2012

Promotion Power Week

Because I can't think of anything more creative, I am calling what I'm about to do "Promotion Power Week" on the ole blog.  I've got some friends doing great things and I want to promote their efforts/charities/work/blogs here on my humble blog for my handful of readers.  It may not be much, but if any of these efforts strike a cord with even one of you and you decide to take part, I will count this a success.

Promotion Power Week will start Monday, December 3, and here are the folks I am highlighting:
  • MONDAY - My friend, Brett Harrison, and his new company, Red Knot Racing
  • TUESDAY - My BFF since the age of 14, Emily Thames, who works for Agape and supports the Care Club.
  • WEDNESDAY - My dear friend and soon-to-be fellow mom, Jessica McNair who since last year does amazing things with her birthday.
  • THURSDAY - An old Auburn pal, Mandy Hudson and her new blog, which I now follow and enjoy.
  • FRIDAY - For hanging with me and my peeps during PPW, there will be a ZipFizz review and giveaway, along with some special Running Start, LLC deals available.
So stay tuned for some promotion power next week as I promote some of my favorite peeps!

And Happy December!

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