Friday, December 7, 2012

We Interrupt this Broadcast to Talk About Green Beans and Poo

I know I was going to write about ZipFizz and do a giveaway today, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  Not only has the day gotten away from me, but BIG THINGS have happened!  If you read last week's "Bits and Pieces" post, you will remember that #1 was that my baby had not pooped since November 18.  That is almost 3 weeks ago.  Well, we had her 4 month check up yesterday and while the doctor was a little flabbergasted at the no poo issue, she was also amazed at how soft Eloise's belly was.  No hard, distended belly at all, and a happy baby to boot!

Eloise was weighed and measured at 13.6 lbs and 24 inches long (that's 3 lbs and 2 inches up from two months ago), and received 3 shots during which she hardly cried at all (my brave, brave girl!).  The doctor was pretty sure Eloise was just absorbing everything from the breast milk, but she ordered an x-ray anyway so after our appointment we headed to the hospital to have that done.  We were in and out in about 25 minutes and Eloise was a true trooper!  I was so proud of my baby girl!

A few hours after I got home, the doctor called to say the x-rays were clear and completely normal.  Since we were getting to start fruits and veggies, she said that would probably make Eloise go, but if not to call them back.

Well, not only did Eloise try green beans for the first time, she pooped as well!  I know it is crazy and completely first parent-like to talk about poo with so many exclamation points and so much excitement but I can't help myself.  And feeding her for the first time was SO FUN!  Messy, and Eloise was unsure, but it was fun.

Mom gives it a try.
Dad gives it a try.
Eloise is not quite sure.
We tried bananas this morning and that seemed to go a little better than the green beans.

Bananas the next morning.
If Eloise doesn't like the beans, I can't say I blame her.  I tried them and BLECH!  But I guess it is baby food and thus like that for a reason... I guess.  I'm just glad I'm an adult and I get to eat tacos and grilled chicken with my green beans whole.

So, my apologies for interrupting Promotion Power Week, but as you can see it was of vital importance that I share the exciting happenings around here. 


  1. Yay for pooping!! That girl just needed a little green in her diet :-)

  2. Yay she pooped! That IS exciting! Tell her squash is much more palatable than green beans:).

  3. Yes I think we will try squash next!